As a complementary activity to precision machining and in situ machining of Hermanos Alfaro we provide special welding services to carry out a comprehensive service whether in manufacturing or recovering parts.

We have qualified workers for any kind of welding, highlighting that we are homologated on the following  welding procedures:
·         Welding in cast-iron meeting ISO 15609-1.
·         Welder homologation meeting EN ISO 9606-2:2004 131 for aluminum welding and recharge with electrodes EN 287-1:111.

We have MIG, TIG and wire welding equipment, as well as, thermal projection welding for special recharges as ceramic coatings and hard coatings.

We focus our welding services in carbon steel, stainless, aluminum and cast-iron. The most remarkable project of recovery of parts by welding are:

  • Crack sor porosity in engine block.
  • Liner seat and guides
  • Cylinder head seats
  • Valves seats
  • Injector housing
  • Cooling cannula
  • Cases
  • Injection pumps
  • Water pumps

Besides of recovering parts, we manufacture machine-welded elements.