Fish peelers

Hermanos Alfaro was specialized for the designing of special machinery for food industry and, nowadays, we already manufacture parts for this industry: fish peelers.

All models are manufacture in our facilities. Welded and machined in stainless steel AISI 316, easy dismantling and cleaning process, in order ro reduce work time of maintenance.

We also provide spare parts of the machines to our clients that we keep in sotck to give a quick delivery incase of emergency. As well as, maintenance and repairs of peelers with fully guarantee.

We offer several models of peelers that are tailored to the different needs of each client.

  • Peeler H.A.: Three-phase electric machine designed for flatfish and fish steaks.
  • Peeler H.A. Tronic: Single-phase electric machine with electronic speed variator, thus making it suitable for both flatfish and cephalopods (illex squid, squid, etc.).
  • Peeler H.A. Hidra: Hydraulic motor machine that is ideal due to its engine for on-board applications in ships and suitable for all kinds of flatfish and cephalopods.