Diesel spare parts

As a complementary actiity to naval industry in recovery of engines parts and on site machining, for more than 25 years we have manufactured spare parts for diesel engines. Specially, parts for injection systems for any kind of diesel engines.

We always meet with client requests and manufacturers specifications, Hermanos Alfaro offer the possibility of machining spare parts by drawings or samples of any part of injection systems for diesel engines.

Nowadays, we manufacture injections parts as:

  • Injector liners
  • Starting valves
  • Regulator shafts
  • Tappets
  • Injection nozzle
  • High pressure pipes
  • Nuts
  • Etc.

Likewise, we also repair and recover parts of diesel engines in our workshop. We offer the possibility to recover parts through welding (homologated procedure) and subsequent machining to recover parts to initial measurements:
  • Valve seats
  • Engine blocks
  • Lapping liners
  • Recover of elements
  • Machining of camshafts
  • Etc.

We machine discontinued parts of old engines with really short delivery times and affordable prices, meeting with quality standards required by clients.

In particular, we machine refrences for DEUTZ engines that we keep in sotck at our workshop of the following models:
  • DEUTZ 350
  • DEUTZ 358
  • DEUTZ 528
  • DEUTZ 540
  • DEUTZ 628
  • DEUTZ 640

For further information you could request more information of refences by email (comex@halfaro.com).