Other sectors

On site machining scope has no limits, whether if we talk about logistics or industries.

Almost any industry that have large mechanic structures is susceptible to need on site machining intervention at any time:

  • Automotie
  • Offshore
  • Cement
  • Granite
  • Mining
  • Plastic
  • Industrial furnace
  • Hydroelectric
  • Thermoelectric
  • Nuclear
  • Casting
  • Etc.

As we have our own machinery that we can adapt or design new machinery, we are flexible to provide a wide range of on site machining services. We adapt machinery to work in different dimensiones or adapt the machinery to machine new elements. Engines, flanges, presses, rollers, foundations, liners, cylinders, flag sheaves, etc. are some parts of the elements that we provide on site machining services to meet with parallelism, ovality, concentricity, flatness, surface finishing, etc.

Until the present day, we have accomplished a wide range of projects that we highlighted as it follow:
  • On site machining (On site milling) of foundation/tables up to 32000mmx4000mm.
  • On site machining of keywyas.
  • On site machining of flag sheaves.
  • On site machining of table press.
  • On sita machining of injector plastic head.
  • On site machining of rollers for industrial furnace.
  • On site machining (on site facing) of flanges.
  • On site machining of shaft housings.
  • Recovery and subsequent machining of gear teeth.
  • Alignment of shafts and housings.
  • Etc.
Moreover, we offer the possibility of adapting and designing machinery for special projects of on site machining. When client has special needs we design special machinery to provide specialized service that meet our client request.