Since the beginnings in the80’s, Hermanos Alfaro has been always linked to the naval sector.

Due to our location, close by several worldwide recognized shipyards and important shipowners in the fishing industry, we have accomplished on site machining projects since the year of our establishment.

More than 35 years experience providing on site machining servicesfor shipyards, naval workshops, shipowners and shipping companies.

We carry out services on shiprepairs, shipconversions or shipbuilding; whether the vessel is on drydock, quay or on transit for any type of vessel (fishing, general cargo, ro-ro, military, offshore, dredges, yatchs, etc.).

The most highlighted projects carried out for the industry are:

  • On site grinding of crankpin Ø145mm. – Ø450mm.
  • On site grinding of main journal.
  • On site recovery by welding and subsequent on site machining of engine block, liner seat and liner guides.
  • On site machining and subsequent bushing of liner seats and intermediate or lower liner guides.
  • On site machining (on site facing), drilling and threading of flanges up to Ø7.000mm.
  • On site machining of shafts, stertube, tailshaft, ruderss, housings, etc.
  • On site machining of bolt housings. Removal of bolts and recovery of threads.
  • On site machining of injection pump seats, camshaft bearings, axial bearings, boring of main journals housing, reconditioning of main bearing covers, facing of flywheel.
  • Laser measurement of crankshaft line.

Moreover, we offer the possibility of adapting and designing machinery for special projects of on site machining. When client has special needs and the project can’t be carried out with commercial machinery we design special machinery to provide specialized service that meet our client request.