Hermanos Alfaro differentiates its service by providing on site machining services. Through out portable machinery designed and manufactured in our own facilities , we displace to the client facilities to carry out the on site machining services without dismounting or transporting the parts that need to be machined in situ.
As we have own Technical office, we provide advantages on deliveries time and adaptation to clients needs:

  • Shorter delivery time
  • Adaptation to any client need (place of execution, adaptation to measurements, etc.)
  • Manufacturing special machinery that is adapted to any contingency.
  • Customized technical service
Among our on site machining capabilities, we highlight the following:
  • On site flange facing: Ø7.000mm.
  • On site milling: 4.000m. x 32.000mm.
  • On site grinding crankpin: Ø145mm. – Ø450mm.
  • On site lapping:  Ø1.700mm.
  • On site machining of shafts, sterntubes, tailshafts, rudders, housings, etc.
  • Recovery of engine blocks, liner seats, liner guides. Welding process homologated by DNV-GL
  • Laser tolerances on flatness: 0,02 mm/m (PRUFTECHNIK)
  • Measurement of hardness
  • Nondestrcutive tests (NDT) though die penetrants inspection (DPI) or magnetic particle inspection (MPI) to detect cracks or leaks.
The fact of accomplishing on site machining means that the scope of intervention is worldwide. Up to now, we have done on site machining in countries like: USA, Panama, Argentina, South Africa, Senegal, China, etc.
The possibility to adapt machinery to provide services on site allows us to hae no limits to displace a carry out on site machining services.