Wind industry

Proliferation of wind farms in the lately decades whether onshore or offshore has generate an increase in wind turbines manufacture. Then, Hermanos Alfaro has been accomplishing projects for manufacturers in diverse locations worldwide: Spain, Portugal, Poland, Chile, Romania or Morocco.

For these large structures we adapt and design portable machinery to carry out on site machining and grinding of its parts. In these cases, we provide services when there defects on manufacturing, accident during commissioning or structures has excess material that needs to be machined in situ.

On site machining need high precision surface finishing to meet with technical standards from manufacturers as: SIEMENS; SUZLON or VESTAS.

For wind industry we have been carrying out differente projects as:

  • On site machining (on site facing) of pedestal flange of up to Ø7.000mm
  • On site machining (on site facing) of tower turbine flange of generator.
  • On site chamfer of flange.
  • Drilling and threading of flanges.
  • On site boring of keyways.