Hermanos Alfaro owns 2.800m of facilities splitted in two workshops located very closely one to each other.

In 2014 motivated by the growing demand, we did a new investment for acquiring new facilities and a large lathe to keep evolving and meet with requests for new markets by expanding our production capabilities.

We have machinery to machine parts from short series to medium series. Capacity to machine parts up to 8.000mm length and small parts in medium series in CNC lathes with bar feeders. We can highlight the following machinery:

  • Lathe Geminis GT5 up to 8.000mm length.
  • Milling center Mazak 5 axis.
  • Milling center Mori Seiki 4 axis.
  • 4 Tsugamis lathe y Mori Seiki lathe with bar feeder
  • Lagun GBM 42E milling machine up to 4000mm length.
  • 2 FU2CM y LAGUN FBF 1800 milling machines.
  • 2 lapping machines: Ø 1300mm and Ø 1000mm.
  • 2 polishing machines
  • 1 lapping liner machine
  • 4 conventional lathes up to 3 meter between points
  • CN Slotting machines
  • Saws up to Ø 500mm.
  • Metrology room, etc.

Facilities are equipped with travelling gantry cranes up to 20Ton. that allow us to handle large and heavy parts/structures to machine in our machinery with larger capacity.

Moreover, in our facilities we have our own technical office to design and develop all the machinery and tools that we need to accomplish on-site machining projects.

Test for on site machinery and procedures are also carried out at workshop, as well as, training for technicians that accomplish on site machining services.